Pavitar came on board NuLife Care & Counselling Services as an intern from May 2018 to September 2019. During her internship journey, Pavitar had the opportunity to accompany the supervisor and attend to counselling sessions of individuals who came from various socio-economic backgrounds and displayed a range of concerns that required the much-needed assistance and support.

Surmounting her set of adversities, Pavitar was fueled with the passion to pursue her studies in the field of counselling and wanting to be able to assist individuals feeling afflicted as a result of their circumstances. A diligent and determined individual by nature, Pavitar was able to efficiently utilize these traits in the process of establishing rapport and providing guidance to the clients that were assigned to her. Pavitar works towards alleviating her clients’ uncertainties through integrating her life experiences and the reflections she embarked upon in the process. Evoking a sense of familiarity and resonance, Pavitar engages her clients to introspectively construct a set of solutions in response to their adversities. This ultimately motivates her clients to make the needed changes in their lives and move forth with a renewed sense of dignity and direction. As a guide, Pavitar steers her clients towards reestablishing their identities and reshaping their experiences in a positive manner.

Pavitar exudes much wisdom and positivity that furnishes her with the essential qualities that a counsellor requires in order to establish rapport with individuals who are in need of assistance in times of adversities. Pavitar has proven to be a well-rounded counsellor in the making.

Dr Sheena JebalCEO / Practicum SupervisorNulife Care & Counselling