My favourite Tamil proverb, in English reads: “You will appreciate the comfort of shade only if you have experienced harsh sunlight”. Few I know have experienced sunlight as harsh and debilitating as Pavitar has. I know because I was there helplessly watching her take blow after blow in a life defined by pain, suffering and indignity. Just when I thought she was going to throw in the towel, she tells me she’s going to smile at life by being there for those on a similar journey. Pavitar gets strength from appreciating the moments of shade in her life. Once you get to this level you will have what it takes to lift others – the experience, empathy and the self efficacy. Pavitar’s deep knowledge in counseling is hygiene factor compared to her strength of character and an uncanny ability to connect at a human level. I am convinced that for Pavitar, counseling is what life has prepared her for. It’s a calling.

Viswa SadasivanCorporate Strategy Consultant, Former Nominated MP